Herman’s one week of workshops with the Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD) were as a breath of fresh air blowing through the office. It generated heaps of energy, challenged COWD staff to look into themselves for what motivates them to excel, and provided examples and exercises to put lessons learned into perspective. Herman combines a unique mix of great storytelling, in-depth knowledge of psychology, organizations and change with a natural command of the room and good interpersonal skills. While the workshops concentrated on a “change management team” within COWD, there was also space for sessions with the MT, the Board of Directors and a dissemination to the 70 staff leading the organization.

Dear  Herman,


Our gratefulness for the long journey you have to endure just so we can be improved.

The Executive leadership Workshop we have experienced with you is really amazing. For me, you gave me the opportunity to look at my organization from the outside of the box, while still emotionally connecting to one and each person. As a  small, yet a growing water district, the challenges for the members is not an easy one. I appreciate the warming up exercises and the coping with insecurities of the newly hired individuals. 

I was able to learn so much from them too. Their love and trust to the organization is heartwarming.


On the other hand my team, for so long wanted to change our vision/ mission statements ,but it was so hard to even know where, when and how to start to do it. You made it happen for BAWAD. Thank you so very much. 


Moving forward, I would respectfully make a request for you to come and teach us more on values and human behaviour. It is the most complicated asset of the organization. And you just made the lessons simple. It s pure Magic!



thank you for the best experience of learning for BAWAD.


See you again 

Our best,


Alma and team

Workshop Impression



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