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Herman Wittockx, PhD (1956), CEO of Organisational Behavior Development, founder of Hubermont Space for Development.

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Those who want to change the present must first change the future.

The co-creation of a clear vision of the future is essential for leading and inspiring all employees. It is like the sun giving energy and direction.

A vision gives people meaning : I understand (think) I want (believe) and I dare (feel). From this vision everyone can give meaning to his unique contribution and be proud of the whole: an organization that makes sense for customers, employees and others. 

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry, or the 'search for what gives teams and organizations strength', is a change method that was developed in the 80s. In the meantime it has become the mainstream approach to process change. Under the term 'progressive insight', this approach has led to many rapid and successful changes. The method was further developed by Herman and colleagues by adding outdoor assignments in nature. This makes a connection between 'what people say they do' and 'what they really do'. In addition, nature stimulates the development of organic thinking about organizing.

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What stands out when Herman gives a lecture is that he connects with his listeners very present and as a person. He challenges his audience to become part of his lecture and actively make meaning of it. This creates an interaction that transcends the intellectual. By opening himself up in this way, Herman succeeds in drawing his listeners into the story, not just with their heads, but with their whole persons. The result is that listeners question their assumptions on a much deeper level and open themselves to exploration and development.

Prof. Dr. Bert Overlaet
HR Director, Ku Leuven



The workshop is of great value to the water district because we were able to discover by ourselves the  importance of having a very clear vision and the significance of formulating the necessary strategies that we need in our mission. The activity has provided for all of us an avenue to align the energies and resources towards developing ourselves and the organization in general.
Said activity was able to generate from everyone a sense of belonging as it provided for all of us an opportunity to take part in defining our direction. The encounters between the management and the Board and among the employees were very reassuring. Some important thoughts and views from the Board which were previously unnoticed, paved the way for a reconciling strategy. The natural and spontaneous reactions or responses from the group especially during the employee summit energized the management to strive for more value nourishing activities. Definitely it was among if not the most treasured event in Carcar Water District. 
Sir Edward Remo, CEO
Dr. Herman Wittockx is a psychologist and philosopher who has focused on change processes in complex organizations. From his background he presents very original and unexpected points of view. Someone who has clearly thought deeply about the matter. Nothing woolly, but rather very practical, recognizable and applicable concepts, which leave no one unmoved. His so-called 'appreciative inquiry' invariably brings about a fascinating dialogue, which creates movement among people and in organizations. Moreover, he is an effortless speaker, who can captivate an audience with a lot of humor and striking examples.

Prof. Dr. John Koster
Partner and chairman of Holland Consulting Group


Herman’s one week of workshops with the Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD) were as a breath of fresh air blowing through the office. It generated heaps of energy, challenged COWD staff to look into themselves for what motivates them to excel, and provided examples and exercises to put lessons learned into perspective. Herman combines a unique mix of great storytelling, in-depth knowledge of psychology, organizations and change with a natural command of the room and good interpersonal skills. While the workshops concentrated on a “change management team” within COWD, there was also space for sessions with the MT, the Board of Directors and a dissemination to the 70 staff leading the organization.
Sir Jon Batar, CEO